Lift/Gondola Evacuation

What is the proper way to use a Line Saver?

There are many different ways to use a Line Saver. Primarily we don’t advocate any one particular method of use and leave that to area management and protocol. However, the basic do’ and don’ts of Line Saver usage can found at: Line Saver Use

Why should I use a Line Saver?

As the name implies, Line Savers save lines or more specifically, ropes. Without a Line Saver, your expensive rope is pulled over the top of the lift cable. Not only will this likely cover your rope with grease, oil and dirt, the abrasion from the cable will drastically reduce the life of your rope.

Should I keep a Rope Log, and if so, what should that Log include?

Yes, you should always keep a rope log. You may contact Cascade Rescue Company at any time and we will mail you a sample log. Rope logs should contain at a very minimum by individual rope:

a. Date the rope was put into service
b. When the rope was used (each time)
c. Rope type and manufacturer
d. Any unusual issues such as static drops or contact with chemicals

What rope or cord is recommended for Self-evacuation?

7.5mm is the minimum recommended rope for this use due to weight restrictions and minimum breaking strengths of the rope.

Tell me more about the Line Launcher?

The Line Launcher has been designed to assist a rescue in placing a lite line over the lift haul cable to facilitate the placement of a life safety rope so that patron evacuation may occur. The light line (generally 2-3mm) is tied to the trailing wire of the Projectile and fired over the haul cable. An 11mm or greater life safety rope is then pulled over the cable and evacuation may then begin. The Line Launcher can be used with Low, Medium or High Power Loads, available from Cascade Rescue. These loads will fire a projectile 40, 60 or 80 yards, respectively. Distance is measured on a horizontal plane with the projectile is fired at a 45 degree angle.

What is the proper way to use a Chair Lift Evacuator Seat?

Complete Instructions coming soon!