Cascade Rescue TERRA TAMER

Posted by Dana Jordan on 15th May 2017

To say that the TERRA TAMER is a step forward in the evolution of overland patient transport is an understatement. It's light, simple, easy to break down into a pack-able load and its handling on the trail is unparalleled.  It easily overcomes most common trail obstacles and reduces the amount of effort required of rescuers.

Originally requested by our customers, we were reluctant to pursue the use of this type of wheel and tire.  While our current Trail Technician utilizes the 26" wheel platform, the larger tire size on the TERRA TAMER increased the height by about 2".  Our concern was that the increased height would cause problems due to a higher center of gravity.  We were wrong.  Handling issues were non-existent and the increased diameter of the tire contributes significantly in overcoming trail obstacles.  It also greatly reduces the shock transfer to the patient from rocks and other terrain inconsistencies, creating a more comfortable ride for the patient.

The Cascade Rescue TERRA TAMER is the new standard in overland patient transport.